Licensing and distribution models

Estimating the level of licensing, we consider:
  • Quantities of current business processes (updated quarterly)
  • The number of system users
  • Processing range (One Channel, One Broadcaster - Multi Channel, Multi Broadcaster)
  • The number of contracts served
  • Technical support level chosen by the Broadcaster
  • Distribution model (SaaS, server solution)
The goal is to optimally match our product to the expectations and needs of our customers, both in terms of software functionality and solution costs.

License technologies

Beatrix is available in two distribution models:

As a monthly or quarterly paid service, available on the InfoSEB infrastructure or in the Cloud with the use of InfoSEB licenses

Server solution

As software installation on the client's infrastructure with the use of his license

SaaS advantages
Server solution advantages
SaaS advantages:
  • quick implementation
  • lower initial costs
  • system security is on InfoSEB's side
  • no infrastructure costs
  • no third-party license costs, e.g. Windows Server, MS SQL and others
Server solution advantages:
  • low fixed costs
  • infrastructure on the client's side (advantage if it has its own infrastructure)